“You don’t seem very anxious…”

“I read your blog. I was like, she doesn’t seem very anxious!” It was a friendly conversation with a member of my PhD cohort. The student that I was speaking with made the comment offhand with absolutely no intention of causing any sort of discomfort, but it jarred with me.  I have been diagnosed recently… Continue reading “You don’t seem very anxious…”


What’s your elevator pitch?

I, along with probably every scientist at some point during their PhD, get a sinking feeling when someone that I don't know well asks "so, what's your PhD on?" Cue mild panic. What do you say? Total stranger: "Biology." First time meeting but with a vague idea of who they are: "Microbiology with some computer… Continue reading What’s your elevator pitch?

SAD and what you can do about it

‘I can’t believe how dark it is’...said every British person at around 5pm on the day that the clocks went back, signalling that autumn is well and truly here. For some, autumn means cosy patterned jumpers, hot chocolate, crunchy leaves and the countdown to Christmas. For others, me included, it also means that Seasonal Affective… Continue reading SAD and what you can do about it

Communicating science with TeaTime Science!

TeaTime Science is one of my favourite accounts to follow. I chatted to Michael and Amy, who set up TeaTime Science in January 2015 as a science communication platform, to get the lowdown on how they got started, what their highlights have been and where they see it going in the future. You can find… Continue reading Communicating science with TeaTime Science!

Introducing: MicroColouring!

Adult colouring books are so popular at the moment. From passing idle Sundays to the newest 'mindfulness' tool, colouring books can solve all problems. Shops are full of them. I'm a big fan. There is something really therapeutic about it. Having said that, not being able to find the 'right' colour for a particular feature does distress… Continue reading Introducing: MicroColouring!

New Scientist Live!

I am writing this on the train, travelling back from one of my favourite science events ever. My friend and I spent the day at London’s ExCeL at New Scientist Live and it was amazing. My partner bought me the tickets months ago after seeing an ad for it in one of my New Scientist… Continue reading New Scientist Live!

GUEST BLOG — Communicating with all the colours of the wind

Sophie is a second year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and she has been shortlisted for the Max Perutz writing prize. Here, she give her tips for communicating your science effectively. I’ve heard it said that if you can’t explain your research so that your grandmother can understand it, then you can’t explain… Continue reading GUEST BLOG — Communicating with all the colours of the wind

Insects, Fossils and Lava Coins: Three months with the Yorkshire Museum

I can’t believe my three months at the Yorkshire Museum are up already! It has been so much fun and I have learnt a huge amount about geology, history and how a museum actually runs behind the scenes. Shout out to literally everyone in the curatorial team for being super patient every time I piped… Continue reading Insects, Fossils and Lava Coins: Three months with the Yorkshire Museum

Introducing: Snapshot Science

What does a PhD actually involve? This was something that I spent a long time researching before my interviews and what I read was so different to what I'm experiencing now. It took me two attempts to get my PhD place. I applied for a few during the final year of my undergraduate degree but… Continue reading Introducing: Snapshot Science

The next step for An Anxious Scientist

I am so excited to finally unveil the new An Anxious Scientist logo. It brings together everything that I feel strongly about -- science, mental health and empowering women. Science has been all I have wanted to do ever since my Year 11 biology teacher told me that I could. She instructed me to buy Campbell and Reece's… Continue reading The next step for An Anxious Scientist