SAD and what you can do about it

‘I can’t believe how dark it is’...said every British person at around 5pm on the day that the clocks went back, signalling that autumn is well and truly here. For some, autumn means cosy patterned jumpers, hot chocolate, crunchy leaves and the countdown to Christmas. For others, me included, it also means that Seasonal Affective… Continue reading SAD and what you can do about it


Introducing: MicroColouring!

Adult colouring books are so popular at the moment. From passing idle Sundays to the newest 'mindfulness' tool, colouring books can solve all problems. Shops are full of them. I'm a big fan. There is something really therapeutic about it. Having said that, not being able to find the 'right' colour for a particular feature does distress… Continue reading Introducing: MicroColouring!

Skip Benefit, not class

Benefit Cosmetics has come under fire recently for their Skip Class Not Concealer campaign, seemingly implying that beauty, rather than brains, is the thing that society values about females. It has understandably received a lot of backlash with many feeling that it is another example of everyday sexism that should not be coming out of a… Continue reading Skip Benefit, not class