Communicating science with TeaTime Science!

TeaTime Science is one of my favourite accounts to follow. I chatted to Michael and Amy, who set up TeaTime Science in January 2015 as a science communication platform, to get the lowdown on how they got started, what their highlights have been and where they see it going in the future. You can find… Continue reading Communicating science with TeaTime Science!


GUEST BLOG – Heidi Gardner

I am super excited to unveil the first An Anxious Scientist guest blog! Check out what Heidi Gardner has to say about the way that clinical trials are portrayed in the media and what science communicators should be doing to help. Rebecca | An Anxious Scientist Why clinical trials should be at the forefront of public scientific knowledge Public… Continue reading GUEST BLOG – Heidi Gardner

Call for contributors

An Anxious Scientist is expanding! Keen to get some writing experience but not sure where to go? Want to let people know about the awesome scicomm that you're doing? Get in touch! An Anxious Scientist is looking for guest bloggers to write short articles on a science-related topic of their choice as well as some enthusiastic scicommers… Continue reading Call for contributors