“You don’t seem very anxious…”

“I read your blog. I was like, she doesn’t seem very anxious!” It was a friendly conversation with a member of my PhD cohort. The student that I was speaking with made the comment offhand with absolutely no intention of causing any sort of discomfort, but it jarred with me.  I have been diagnosed recently… Continue reading “You don’t seem very anxious…”


Introducing: MicroColouring!

Adult colouring books are so popular at the moment. From passing idle Sundays to the newest 'mindfulness' tool, colouring books can solve all problems. Shops are full of them. I'm a big fan. There is something really therapeutic about it. Having said that, not being able to find the 'right' colour for a particular feature does distress… Continue reading Introducing: MicroColouring!

Curing disease, one pair of snazzy leggings at a time

I have always loved sport and exercise. It's the best stress-reliever, so much fun and you can make friends for life.  I spent five years involved with my university’s water polo squad although you will now find me on dry land with the local hockey club. I have also discovered yoga this past year and have found that it… Continue reading Curing disease, one pair of snazzy leggings at a time

Empowering Women: The new Superwomen in Science podcast

I have only discovered podcasts quite recently. I was looking for a soundtrack for my walk to and from my placement, stumbled across the TED Radio Hour and was hooked. I started listening to them on my long marathon training runs too; I find that music gets on my nerves once the going gets tough.… Continue reading Empowering Women: The new Superwomen in Science podcast

Insects, Fossils and Lava Coins: Three months with the Yorkshire Museum

I can’t believe my three months at the Yorkshire Museum are up already! It has been so much fun and I have learnt a huge amount about geology, history and how a museum actually runs behind the scenes. Shout out to literally everyone in the curatorial team for being super patient every time I piped… Continue reading Insects, Fossils and Lava Coins: Three months with the Yorkshire Museum

Product excitement!

The giveaway batch of An Anxious Scientist badges was snapped up within a couple of hours. They are now on their way to new homes from the UK to the USA, via South Africa! I was so nervous when I decided to try out the giveaway! What if no one wants one? That'd be embarassing... So it was… Continue reading Product excitement!

Introducing: Snapshot Science

What does a PhD actually involve? This was something that I spent a long time researching before my interviews and what I read was so different to what I'm experiencing now. It took me two attempts to get my PhD place. I applied for a few during the final year of my undergraduate degree but… Continue reading Introducing: Snapshot Science

Designer babies? Not yet.

For anyone who watches the breakfast news or flicks through the papers on the way to work it was impossible to miss the latest case of media scaremongering this week.  "Dawn of the designer baby" cried the Daily Mail. "One giant step for designer babies" exclaimed i. Dr Hilary tried desperately in his ITV interview… Continue reading Designer babies? Not yet.

The latest blockbuster, directed by CRISPR

CRISPR is the hottest name around right now. Standing for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, CRISPR (pronounced 'crisper') is found naturally as part of the defence system that bacteria employ to protect themselves from foreign DNA. It has been hijacked by scientists who now use it as a highly specific gene-editing tool and it seems… Continue reading The latest blockbuster, directed by CRISPR