About Rebecca


An Anxious Scientist is on the lookout for guest bloggers! 

If you are interested in writing a short article on a science topic of your choice then get in touch through the website, Twitter or Instagram (details below).

Hey! I’m a third year PhD student at the University of York. I love all things science! I am using An Anxious Scientist to celebrate science, whether through advertising the amazing science communication that happening everywhere, sharing my love of reading or promoting other bloggers. 

I have very recently unveiled my new logo for the site and I am so proud of it. It really reflects the things that are super important to me professsionally; science, mental health and empowering women. Be prepared to see it plastered over everything from now on!

Research-wise, I study the symbiotic bacteria found inside the tsetse fly and how their metabolism might be key to preventing disease spread. I have just finished a three month placement at the Yorkshire Museum with the Natural Sciences Team for a BBSRC-funded PIPS.

I recently won third prize in the Microbiology Society’s Young Microbiologist of the Year competition after giving a talk at their Annual Conference 2017.

If you want to see more of what I do, have a peruse of the More from Rebecca page!

Rebecca | An Anxious Scientist



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