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If you would like to see more of what I do, please have a look at my articles that can be found elsewhere. I am happy to write articles or opinion pieces for new sites so get in touch if you are looking for a guest blogger!

Rebecca | An Anxious Scientist


Microbiology Today

Microbiology Today is the quarterly magazine from the Microbiology Society. I write the regular updates from the Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum, keeping members in the loop as to what the committee are up to and flagging up interesting events or opportunities.

This magazine is open access and the current edition, along with all back issues, can be read here.


Transporting Science

Transporting Science is the regularly updated blog that is run by the Thomas lab, York. The posts are themed around biological transporters, a key area of interest for many in the group. I have written several articles for it since it was launched around a year ago and they can be viewed here.

York Museums Trust

Part of my PhD funding from the BBSRC enabled me to spend three months on a placement at the Yorkshire Museum. During this time I wrote several posts for the YMT blog describing the life of York volcanologist Tempest Anderson and the work I was doing digitising his photographic collection. The articles can be viewed by following the links below.

Tempest Anderson: The man behind the camera

Bringing Tempest Anderson to Life 

Tempest Anderson’s Photographs

I also contributed short pieces for the Yorkshire Philosophical Society newsletter and the YMT Trust Talk newsletter. These are not available for non-members but can be viewed on request.

White Rose DTP

I am part of the BBSRC White Rose DTP and to connect PhD students from across the three universities we decided to launch a student-run newsletter. I am the Scientific Features Editor and contribute my own writing to the editions too.

The first issue can be found here and others can be distributed on request.

Nouse | Science

Nouse is the University of York’s student newspaper. I have written for both the online and print editions, and some of them can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Could pigs solve our shortage of organ donors?

TB Resistant Cows: A promising future?

Predatory bacteria – friend, foe or façade?

Eukaryotic life, but not as we know it

Attenborough at 90: A look at the weird and wonderful

Redefining life – A new minimal genome

How can Dengue help Zika?


Outside of science, I absolutely love sport. I spent two years as the Press & Publicity Office for the University of York Swimming and Water Polo club (2015-2017) and during that time I have been involved in running the club website and writing the match and gala reports.

I have also provided match reports for Nouse | Sport as well as live tweeting throughout events for them.