Introducing: MicroColouring!

Adult colouring books are so popular at the moment. From passing idle Sundays to the newest ‘mindfulness’ tool, colouring books can solve all problems. Shops are full of them.

I’m a big fan. There is something really therapeutic about it. Having said that, not being able to find the ‘right’ colour for a particular feature does distress me, and I’m not overly interested in quaint landscapes. So you can imagine my excitement when the Microbiology Society announced that they were releasing their own colouring book, Multicoloured Microbiomes.


It. Is. Amazing.

The book was designed and illustrated by Dr Eliza Wolfson, a Society member and science illustrator. It starts with a brief What is a microbiome? section that gives you the low down on each of the surfaces covered (literally) in the book, from the lung and gut to the fridge and sink. The book is divided into three sections; Inside Us, At Home and Outside Us.


The great thing is that it is suitable for everyone, regardless of science background or age. Or, fortunately in my case, artistic ability. Some parts are more intricate than others, and whilst my inner geek loves figuring out which microbe this little blob could be, you don’t need to care about that at all to enjoy it. 

With the mental health of PhD students and post docs appearing more and more frequently in the media, I feel like the academic world needs a little lighthearted relief from time to time. And this is definitely something that I will be using to chill out when I’m stressed or anxious.

To pre-order your copy, head to the Microbiology Society website.

Rebecca | An Anxious Scientist



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