Product excitement!

The giveaway batch of An Anxious Scientist badges was snapped up within a couple of hours. They are now on their way to new homes from the UK to the USA, via South Africa!

I was so nervous when I decided to try out the giveaway! What if no one wants one? That’d be embarassing… So it was definitely a mixture of happiness and relief when people actually took me up on my offer! It also warmed my heart that many said that they would also be making the donation to Target Ovarian Cancer. It is a deeply personal charity to me and they do really wonderful work in increasing awareness of the symptoms, including in young women, and provide support for people with the condition and those close to them too. IMG_5313Despite the miserable rainy weather (is summer done already?!) I pretty much skipped to the Post Office to send off my little rainbow-coloured envelopes!

Lots of you have been asking how and when you can get hold of a badge now the the giveaway has ended. I am super excited to say that the answer is very soon! I am in the process of establishing a protocol and a permanent page on An Anxious Scientist so that everyone can wear something fun that celebrates science. They will be super affordable because I want to make them accessible no matter what. I will also be able to ship worldwide which I think will really help connect the amazing STEM community! 

I am also working really hard developing an amazing new set of products that I think you will LOVE (well, I love them and I really hope you do too). I can’t say anything more than that at this stage but I can’t wait to share more about it soon!

All the latest announcements will be made on here first, and on Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow An Anxious Scientist to keep up to date!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has sent really lovely messages of support and science love. It makes me so happy!

Rebecca | An Anxious Scientist



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