An Anxious Scientist heads to Instagram!

I have now spent a month at the Yorkshire Museum on my placement and it has really given me a bit of breathing room from my PhD. This has afforded me a bit of time to get certain things in order. First off, I have finally begun to write the children’s book that has been brewing at the back of my mind for a few years. I have also given this site a big overhaul and part of that has involved thinking about what I actually want to get out of it. I’m not really in a position financially to upgrade the site to support videos at this moment in time but I think they just add something different to a standard science blog.

My ponderings all kept coming back to the same point — what’s my USP? It is clear from Twitter that there are a lot of people using it as a platform for science communication. There are many popular science blogs. But a search of Instagram found the topic surprisingly lacking. It seems a shame because Instagram’s photo sharing site means that literally anyone can be transported into a science lab and see for themselves what it is actually like. I also decided that separating science from my personal posts (food, running, Jasper) might be appreciated by some.

So, An Anxious Scientist can now be found on Instagram! Just search @ananxiousscientist or use #ananxiousscientist. Prepare to see lots of fossils and museum photos for the next couple of months then (after a small interlude for the Microbiology Society Showcase) it will business as usual back in the biology lab.

I still haven’t quite decided if or how this answers my USP question, but it’s a start.


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