Week 3 – Outreach, GoPros and dogs at polling stations

I am writing this post a little behind schedule after a busy weekend hosting various Swimming & Water Polo events (shameless plug for how amazing the Club is for being shortlisted for Club of the Year and Campaign of the Year, in part due to the fantastic #UYSWCvCancer fundraising).

All ready for the arrival and the start of the forensics workshop!

One of the highlights of the past few days at the Yorkshire Museum was spent sitting in on a school session where the children were introduced to the concept of scientific investigation. They were shown a real human skeleton then given various other clues with the aim of figuring out who it could belong to, based on microscopic examination of clothes fibres and bone length measurements. It was great to see how enthusiastic all of the pupils were for the experiments and to hear all of their probing questions (not that I could really answer many, although I do now know what an old quill holder looks like).

I also continued with the process of digitising the Tempest Anderson collection. We have decided to document it so on Wednesday I was set up with a GoPro filming the cleaning work. I’ll link the final version once my tea breaks have been cut out!

Being watched by the GoPro as I worked on cleaning the TA slides.

The week cannot be discussed without mention of the election that dominated the news and conversation. A wet labrador and I turned out on Thursday and pledged our support for increasing funding to neglected tropical diseases and for a candidate who would hopefully be more in favour of measures to curb climate change. Following the exit polls and early results through tweets from scientists and Martin Lewis was probably more interesting than the television coverage!

The late night meant that Friday required extra concentration when I started learning all about crinoid and coral fossils; this will help form the basis of the Fossil Festival handouts that are (very) nearly finished now.Β Next week I have a science walk around York on Monday so I am hoping that the weather brightens up a bit!


Jasper figuring out where to cast his vote…




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